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Lanao Foundation, Inc.

is now having an On-Going project namely

Family Farm School Project

Project Details:

The Lanao Foundation is establishing a Family Farm School in Lanao del Norte. It has already trained tutors and started preparatory work in SND for the opening of a Family Farm School in the area. The principal purpose of the Family Farm School is the uplift of the small farmers in the rural agricultural sector. The FFS is being established for the education and formation of the children of these farmers and the farmers themselves, preparing them for a profession that is real to them, which is farming. The main objective of this formation is to induce these children to appreciate the rural environment and to stay in the rural area even if they do not engage in farming. The students will be taught, developed, and trained in well-rounded theoretical methods and value formation so as to instill in them the right sense of professionalism in the performance of their work.

Core Values:





The education cost of a child studying in the Family Farm School is roughly P 40,000 per year. The Lanao Foundation is soliciting support from individuals and firms in order to help defray the expenses of a child or children studying in the Family Farm School.